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How to accept precision sheet metal parts?

2020-12-21 17:55:36

Precision machining requires high precision of workpiece. The workpiece processed by precision instrument has good rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy and can process high-precision parts. So, how should precision sheet metal parts be accepted when they are delivered?

1. Appearance inspection

1.1 check whether the finish of machined parts meets the drawing requirements.

1.2 check whether the appearance of the workpiece is damaged, corroded and bruised, and whether the thread shape and angle are correct.

1.3 if the above problems are found, they shall be recorded in detail for future reference.

2. Acceptance of quantities

2.1. According to the supply contract and processing documents, strictly check the material, specification and quantity of the workpiece according to the drawings, and check them one by one.

2.2 record the acceptance quantity, indicating the place, time, participants, model, product name, required quantity and actual quantity.

3. Quality acceptance

3.1. Assemble in strict accordance with the requirements and procedures of the general assembly drawing.

3.2 record carefully during quality acceptance. In case of quality problems, the external processing unit shall be informed in writing. Decide whether to return or replace according to the situation.

3.3 if there are special requirements, the acceptance documents of the processing unit's acceptance, assembly and installation shall be available before signing the acceptance documents.




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